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Public Speaking 

I public speak about the issue of domestic human trafficking, which gives a brief overview of the issue. 


I do trainings which are more directed to a group where I teach on core situations where human trafficking happens, red flags, and how they can help. Human Trafficking 101 or Trauma Informed Care and Victim Centered Care Presentations are my specialties

Examples: Police Departments, Hospitals, Hotels, and many more! 


I work to help change polices. I am also called (commonly by the CSEC Advisory Board) to give survivor informed decisions on policy, programs, and agencies issues. 

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Annika Huff

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Human Trafficking is happening here, in our country. It is a real issue that our youth are facing everyday. Modern day slavery does exist and it preys on any one in America.

I work to educate the community to not only understand this is happening in our backyards, but to also work on prevention, rescuing, and restoration. We can all have a impact that can change the world around us.

Don't let your voice be voiceless.

There are men, women, and children who are needing your help now.