Working to educate and empower communities on domestic human trafficking


I have partner with many different groups in the human trafficking field but my partnership with

Truckers Against Trafficking

is dear to my heart as we made a video to inform public transportation work of what they can do to help.

Being Apart of Training the Las Vegas Fire Department

Here is a link of one article written about the great partnership between Iempazie, Las Vegas Metro Police Department Human Trafficking Task Force, and many more who made it possible to get this city's fire department ready for action. 

Using my experience to better the lives of others

For me it is a dream come true to help people understand how human trafficking works in America. When you are able to recognize that it is happening the work really starts moving and people get freedom.

Some of My Work

Training communities on Human Trafficking is a important part of combating against modern day slavery.

In the two photos (to the left and below) I am doing a human trafficking hotel training.

United States Advisory Council on Human Trafficking Annual Report 2016

" Believe we as survivors need to work as a team, I believe organizations should work as a team. We are stronger together then apart. "

-Annika Mack

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